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Looking For the BEST Home Watch  Service In Lakewood Ranch?

Crown Home Watch provides a solution for absentee homeowners, ensuring peace of mind by safeguarding their property in their absence.

These services are tailored for individuals who spend considerable time away from their primary residences, such as vacation homeowners, frequent travelers, or those holding investment properties. The core value of Crown Home Watch lies in its comprehensive approach to property management, offering vigilant oversight and proactive maintenance to prevent any issues that could arise during the homeowner’s absence.

  • Home Watch

  • Concierge Services

  • Storm Services

  • Senior Assist Emergency Services


The Real Value Of Crown Home Watch Services

Risk Mitigation

One of the paramount benefits of Home Watch Services is their role in risk mitigation. Homes left unattended are susceptible to a variety of risks, including break-ins, water leaks, mold growth, pest infestations, or system failures. These services conduct regular, thorough inspections of your property, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate into costly damages. By ensuring that your home remains secure and systems operate smoothly, these services can save homeowners significant repair costs and avoid the devaluation of their property.

Insurance Compliance

Many insurance companies require regular property checks in the homeowner’s absence to maintain coverage, particularly in the case of vacation homes or properties that are unoccupied for extended periods. Home Watch Services help in fulfilling these policy stipulations, providing documented inspections that can be critical in the event of an insurance claim. Their professional oversight helps ensure that your property remains insured and that you have the necessary documentation to support any potential claims.

Peace of Mind

Home Watch Services are not one-size-fits-all; they are highly customizable based on the homeowner’s specific needs. From basic security checks to comprehensive property management, including handling of mail, overseeing maintenance work, and preparing the home for the owner’s return, these services can be tailored to fit a wide range of requirements, ensuring that homeowners receive the exact support they need.

Crown Home Watch offers an invaluable asset to absentee homeowners, encapsulating a broad spectrum of benefits from risk mitigation and preventative maintenance to emergency response and insurance compliance. They stand out as a proactive, reliable solution for home watch, ensuring that the homeowner’s investment is protected and their home remains a sanctuary, regardless of how far away they are. Engaging Crown Home Watch is not just a wise decision for safeguarding your property; it is an investment in your peace of mind and the longevity of your home.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Brad Smith
Brad Smith
Great company all around. The communication and detailed inspections performed on a regular basis are 2nd to none. Thanks Pete and Taryn for all you do.
Tammy Kimble
Tammy Kimble
Pete and Taryn have been fantastic. It provides us great comfort to know that they are checking on our home regularly. They have also been very accommodating with last minute requests. A great investment to ensure the safety and security of our home.
Michael Depietro
Michael Depietro
Pete and Taryn have really given us peace of mind by checking on our home. Having recently purchased a second home, we are not there full time so it is nice to get tips about Florida ownership. They always give a thorough report and alert us of any issues.
Joe Bihner
Joe Bihner
Pete and Taryn have been awesome! Always there when they say they will be and have a Rolodex of people we can leverage if needed. They have gone above and beyond other services we have used. 100% recommend them if you need help.
Susan Tyson
Susan Tyson
Wonderful couple! Taryn & Pete will take great care of your home while you are gone!! There is nothing like having peace of mind when you are miles away!
Cathy Battaglia
Cathy Battaglia
I was very nervous about buying and leaving our home for months, but we met with Pete and Taryn who had been referred to us by locals. I have to say, we are now not nervous. They are VERY THOROUGH, to the point of going up to into our attic to investigate a furnace. They check drawers for bugs every week. They check inside and outside. They send pictures when they need to alert us of a possible issue. Their communication is superb! They even get our mail in our box. I WOULD NOT HESITATE to give a 10-star rating to them! They treat your home like it is their own.
Professional and responsive service. Glad I selected this company for caring for our home. Called them with an issue on Mother's day (today) and they were there within minutes! You guys rock!
Andrea FitzGerald
Andrea FitzGerald
Wonderful people and amazing service! Their bimonthly home watch service has put our snowbird minds at ease! They have also helped my parents thru medical crisis needs and now navigating selling their home from afar. They have a keen eye for detail and a high level of customer service. Highly recommend!
Lydia Pacifico
Lydia Pacifico
In many ways the abundance of services provided to us by Crown Home Watch have been a life saver. We purchased our new home in December and knew we weren't ready to make the move there for a while. It was going to be many months before we would be able to. We needed someone to look after our home and Pete and Taryn have gone above and beyond to provide those many services that we never knew had existed. We met with Pete and Taryn on our first visit to our new home. They explained their services to us as well as the many concierge services that they could provide. These concierge services have been the life saver! We needed work to be done in our new home including, electrical, screening in the lanai, new flooring, as well as accepting deliveries, overseeing repairs and the list is still growing. Pete helped us set up appointments with various contractors and was there to oversee that the work was done correctly. Pete and Taryn also installed security cameras that we had bought. On our most recent trip to our new house Pete and Taryn picked us up at the airport and returned us there when we left. They also picked up groceries so that we would have something in the refrigerator when we arrived. The list goes on and on and the services they provide are invaluable.
Scott Bruce
Scott Bruce
Pete and Taryn have been great to work with. Detailed inspections, and timely reports. I highly recommend Crown Home Watch!

Home Watch is the visual inspection of a Home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Official National Home Watch Association definition of Home Watch

Taryn Wells has achieve the NHWA designation of Certified Home Watch Professional


What Can Happen When You Are Away?



Storm Damage


Landscape Problems


Leaks/Water Stains

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Our Services For Your Needs

Home Watch

We recommend a weekly service call or a minimum of twice per month. We do not offer monthly service calls due to the unique Florida climate. Thirty days between service calls in our climate is simply too long. The results from potential water leaks,…

Concierge Services

We quickly realized that our clients required services above and beyond what is covered under our Home Watch Services. After much careful consideration and consultation with our clients, we added Crown Home Watch Concierge Services.

Storm Services

Florida’s location makes it a hotbed for tropical storms and hurricanes and can bring devastating winds and rain, particularly during the official hurricane season from June to November. Florida also experiences tornadoes, often as …

Senior Assist Emergency Services

Unfortunately, as we age unforeseen health changes or accidents become a way of life. It is not uncommon for seniors to suddenly end up requiring emergency health care resulting in an extended stay at an emergency facility.

More From Our Satisfied Clients

Recently had the pleasure of meeting Pete and Taryn after they called M.A.S.T. Inspections in to assess a potential microbial growth problem they had discovered while servicing one of their clients.

I found them to be courteous, professional and attentive to detail.

Having observed their work ethic and care for their clients well-being, I would definitely recommend their Home Watch services.

Mark S.

On a recent vacation to California we had Crown Home Watch keep an eye on our property. When we arrived in California we suddenly realized that we may have left our refrigerator door open! Pete checked on it the same day, it was closed! What a relief! More importantly he discovered that our rear sliding door was unlocked! Which he secured.
What a great service! We couldn’t be happier with the care shown to our property and highly recommend Crown Home Watch to anyone in the Lakewood Ranch community.

Sid and Sherrill K.

Country Club East, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Pete Wells kept watch over our home while we were recently absent. He collected our mail, watered our plants and topped off our pool for us when the level fell too low. He also discovered that our front door had been left unlocked by a visiting family member!
We would highly recommend his services to anyone who leaves their home for any period of time.

Frederick L.

Lt Commander (Ret) United States Navy, Country Club East

Pete and Taryn have been fantastic to work with! Having recently built a home in South Florida, we did not expect any issues but wanted the peace of mind that came with having someone check on our place.

Much to our surprise, their first visit did find a couple of minor items that needed taking care of, which without their visit would have gone weeks without action and may have likely become bigger issues. Their inspections and the peace of mind it brings are top notch. And I’d encourage anyone considering to use Crown Home Watch.

Shawn S.

My wife and I have known Pete and Taryn Wells for over thirty years. We have had the good fortune of being their neighbors on three separate occasions, twice in California and now here in Florida.
They are both individuals of the highest moral and ethical standards. We trust them implicitly and would recommend their services to anyone. They are currently key holders for our home here in Del Webb, Lakewood Ranch.

Robert P.

Lt Colonel (Ret) United States Army, Del Webb

Thank you for taking care of our homes as though they were your own. Your communication and responsiveness while we’ve been away is so appreciated. You kept us in the loop and gave us peace of mind. 

You saved us a lot of hassle by coordinating maintenance and repairs.  

We feel incredibly luck to have you keeping an eye on everything. 

Lil and John W.

Central Park and Marina Bay

Pete and Taryn have been great to work with. Detailed inspections and timely reports. I highly recommend Crown Home Watch!.

Scott B.

Crown Home Watch has done a fantastic job of watching over my home in Arbor Grande since 2019. Pete has taken care of numerous small issues over the years for me, always going above and beyond.
Last year I was hospitalized and their Senior Assist Service was exceptional! They took care of my home while I was in the hospital. They stocked my refrigerator with everything I needed just before my return. Their weekly visits made sure my home was exactly as I had left it, a huge boost to my spirits.
You could not pick a better Home Watch company in Lakewood Ranch.

Ella M.

Arbor Grande, Lakewood Ranch

We live in Rochester, New York. We own a winter home in Lakewood Ranch Florida. Since 2018 Pete and Taryn have watched over our home when we are absent. They have been diligent in catching problems before they become major catastrophes. They sent us regular updates on our property immediately after Hurricane Ian.
We would highly recommend Crown Home Watch to anyone who is seeking peace of mind when they vacate their homes for extended periods of time.

Lynda and Sid C

Country Club East

A Message From The Owner

Pete Wells, Owner

Like most people who land on this page, you are probably new to the concept of Home Watch.

I’d like to extend a sincere offer to you. If you will give me about 45 minutes of your time, I will perform a complete Home Watch inspection of your home. I will also provide you with a 25-point detailed report including digital photographs of any issues that I may find, at absolutely no charge to you.

Upon completion of my inspection, you will have a firm number on the cost of utilizing our service. No pressure, no games, no gimmicks.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain in partnering with Crown Home Watch. In your absence, we will help protect what is quite possibly your most valuable asset.

Simply fill in the information required on this page and I will personally contact you to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.

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