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Home Watch Services

Crown Home Watch is proud to offer the following services. Keep in mind no two homes or their owners are alike. When you partner with us, we will take the time to fully explain the customized plan we are proposing for your unique home. 

Crown Home Watch Standard Service

We recommend a weekly service call or a minimum of twice per month. We do not offer monthly service calls due to the unique Florida climate. Thirty days between service calls in our climate is simply too long. The results from potential water leaks, HVAC failure resulting in mold, or rodent or pest infiltration can be catastrophic.

Since Hurricane Ian, many insurance companies will not be held responsible for damages to the home that are not reported within two weeks of the damaging event. Some consider this to be negligent behavior by the owner. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier and become familiar with their policies.


We walk around the entire perimeter of the property including any outbuildings looking for items of concern or changes from our last service visit, including but not limited to:

  • The roof, vents, and skylights as seen from the ground
  • The gutters, downspouts, and soffits
  • Doors, windows, and screens for signs of forced entry
  • Monitor landscaping
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Lanai screens and doors
  • Irrigation system (for obviously broken sprinkler heads, even water distribution)
  • HVAC condensing unit and condensation drip pipe
  • Pool Equipment
  • Pool (for clarity and water level)
  • Pest activity, wasp nests, etc.
  • Rodent activity
  • Check the entryway for flyers, door hangers, boxes, etc.
  • Check the mailbox, bring the mail inside, or forward it as requested
  • Remove any obvious litter


We will walk the interior of the home twice. The first walk is focused from counter height and above, and the second walk is from counter height and below, looking for any items of concern or changes from our last service visit, including but not limited to:

  • Disarm alarm system (if applicable)
  • Take a hygrometer reading to check the relative humidity of the home
  • Check HVAC system is running and maintaining the required temperature
  • Check ceilings and crown molding for water intrusion
  • Check for pests and insect intrusion
  • Check for mold and mildew
  • Check all windowsills for water and insect intrusion
  • Check sliding doors are secure
  • Check walls below windowsills for evidence of water intrusion
  • Water potted plants (plant pots must have a solid leakproof dish at the base provided by owner. Plants must be on tiled surface, with no hardwood flooring or carpeting. CHW is not responsible for the health of the plant.)
  • Flush all toilets or bidets twice looking for leaks; make sure the filling mechanism shuts off. If a toilet brush is provided next to the toilet, we will brush off any water line marks.
  • Run all sinks, showers, and tubs to check for possible leakage around fixtures and under the sinks
  • Check to ensure refrigerators and freezers are cold
  • Run the garbage disposal to ensure it has not bound up
  • Check washing machine lines and valves for leaks
  • Turn off lights and fans left on (unless otherwise requested)
  • Check the breaker box
  • Check garage door for operation
  • Visually check the HVAC unit from the ground (The unit must be easily accessible without a ladder of any type)
  • Check vehicles for flat tire spots
  • Check the interior of the vehicle for signs of mold or insects
Contact us for additional services that you may require

Additional Services 

Please Note: Concierge Charges Apply, Hours Mon – Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, additional charges after hours.

 Crown Home Watch offers additional services such as:

  •  Meet vendors such as pest control, repair, HVAC, cleaning, or maintenance companies at your home (rates include travel to and from Crown Home Watch)
  • Receive packages or deliveries
  • Meet approved or family members to deliver keys and gain access to your home; Familiarize guests with your home
  • Collect keys when your guests leave, empty refrigerator, remove any trash; Perform additional walk-through of the entire home, interior and exterior and inform you of any damage or changes made to your home.
  • Recharge remote security cameras
  • Install temporary window shades in high-visibility areas

Reporting System

Crown Home Watch uses state-of-the-art technology to report back to their clients on the same day that they visit their home. It is a fully detailed, GPS-enabled, time and date stamped, easy-to-read comprehensive system that requires each item to be checked off. A copy of the report is then sent to the client along with photographs and details of any obvious issues that are considered problematic. Many insurance companies now require that you furnish a copy of such a report in order to process any claim.

We recommend watching the short video below to fully understand this unique tool and how it will give you peace of mind.